Welcome To The Foundation Class Page

Please use this page to learn about our learning environment, our current topic and check out the latest ways that you can support your child at home.

 Supporting Learning At Home

  • Please encourage your child to read the book in their book bag with you regularly.
  •  You can choose exciting story books from the Reading Spine to share at home. These books will be available to loan on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. 
  • Use the sound cards provided to make simple words together and have a go at reading the words.
  • When your child is feeling confident you could have a go at writing the words.  
  •  Look at the weekly home learning tasks and record notes/add pictures to Tapestry. 
 Information For Parents
 Please can I remind you that your children's clothing needs to be named, including coats. This makes life so much easier for your children and the adults!
Check your child's book bag EVERY DAY for letters, reminders, trip slips, first aid notes and invitations.
When teaching Phonics we follow Letters & Sounds. However we introduce each sound using the Jolly Phonic Songs & Actions. In Foundation we consolidate on Phase 1 and then move onto Phase 2 & Phase 3. Some of the children who are secure in using all of the sounds they have learnt will move onto Phase 4 in Summer Term 2. 
Autumn Term 1 : Superhero Me & Autumn
Autumn Term 2: Space & Winter Festivals
Spring Term 1: Long Ago & Chinese New Year 
Spring Term 2: Signs Of Spring & Easter 
At Drake Primary Academy, we love to learn about our local area of Keyham. We have been on a trip to Alexandra Park and St Thomas Church. Later in the term, we plan to visit a local cafe and we hope this real life experience will help use to develop our role play skills when using our own mud cafe in Busy Time. We will also be planning a trip to the local Chinese takeaway, we will be trying different Chinese food when we learn about Chinese New Year. 
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The Foundation Team 
  • Miss L Bristow

    Classroom Teacher

  • Mrs K Duke

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss A Keating

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs M Taberner

    Teaching Assistant

In Foundation, we are learning about Long Ago. We are currently reading Tom And The Island Of Dinosaurs, we have been reading instructions to find dinosaur eggs. We have also been writing instructions on where to find the dinosaur eggs at Drake Primary Academy. Later on in the topic we will be writing dinosaur facts and making our very own dinosaur poems. 
After half term we will be learning about Signs Of Spring. We will be setting up our Mud Kitchen and reading The Hungry Caterpillar together. We will also be looking at Jasper's Beanstalk and thinking about Easter.