Week Beginning 01.06.2020

On this page is a list of Home Learning Tasks that the children will be expected to complete during the week beginning 1st June 2020.

PE - Each day, we are encouraging children to take part in the 'Exercise with Joe Wicks' activity on YouTube. This will allow the children to stay active, fit and healthy while not being able to do their usual two hours of high quality PE each week when at school.

This learning is the minimum expectation. If the children have other learning which interests them, you can also get them to complete it and sent to me in Edmodo or email me!

If you would like any information or need anything feel free to email me at: year6@drakeprimaryschool.onmicrosoft.com

Miss Wickenden

Maths Activities

Please find this week's maths resources for the week.

The link below will take you to the White Rose website. Here you will find useful teaching clips to support your child's learning.

Write the answers to these either on sheets or in your exercise books.

Please see Summer Term and the week of learning that you are currently working on. Please work through the lessons in order and at your own pace. Answers are available here too!

Home Learning Overview

 Here is an overview of all the learning to be completed this week in a handy A4 format.

 English Activities

We will still be encouraging children to read on a daily basis, whether that's on their own, to a parent or to a sibling!

Writing Activities

To help with the writing process, we have created different activities for you to complete. Look at each of the sheets below in order. Discuss them with your parents or post about them sensibly on Edmodo in the comments section. Or write your responses in your workbook and use them to write your final story.

Reading Comprehension

Have a go at the Alice in Wonderland reading comprehension. Pick your own *, ** or *** challenge. Remember to be aspirational!

We are starting our new science topic which is 'Evolution and Inheritance' - one of my favourites! Miss Jackson has planned some really fun lessons for you to complete - there will be one a week :)
Please complete this weeks activity into your exercise book . You can send me any work you complete on Edmodo or by email. Just take a photo of it! 

Just for Fun Activities

We have put together a range of fun and engaging activities for you to complete. These are just ideas that provide the children with the opportunity to have fun while also learning some great life-skills such as baking. Here is the list of possible 'Just for Fun'  activities that could be enjoyed over then next few weeks. Don't forget to upload/send photographs to share your child's learning! Enjoy!

Topic Work

Some of your 'Just for Fun' activities is to start gaining knowledge about this term's topic 'Our Changing World'. Below are resources to support you with these activities.