Year 6

Welcome to Year 6
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  • Miss Jade Wickenden

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs Jean Horrell


  • Mrs Louise Grainger

    Teaching Assistant

This is the link to our homework diary where the homework grids for each term will be uploaded. 
Please ensure your children are reading and practising their spellings daily.
Things to remember each week...
PE is every Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure your child has their kit and that their hair is tied back. 
Spellings will be handed out every Friday and tested the following Friday. 
In Spring Term, we will be learning about...
In Autumn Term, we will be learning about...
Today was an exciting day in Year 6! On Monday 16th December, we received some fabulous invitations from Year 1 inviting us to watch their puppet show! 
So this morning, at 9:30am, we went to visit Year 1 and watched their amazing performance! They sang beautifully and Miss Wickenden particularly loved the Disney songs! :) Their sock puppets would made brilliantly and were really creative! Well done and thank you Year 1! 
To finish the morning, Year 6 and Year 1 paired up and read some high-quality picture books to each other in the library and classroom. It was lovely to see all the children enjoying themselves and engaging with such fantastic reading! :)
It was an exciting day in Year 6! We became Harry Potter for the day! :) With our Harry Potter glasses on, we were able to write an autobiography as if we were Harry himself! 
Year 6 had an exciting visit from Simon at UTC, who spoke to the children about opportunities to attend UTC in Year 7. The children had to work in teams to design and build a bridge out of lego that would hold 1KG of weight. It was so much fun that Simon is coming back again!
Our first school trip in Year 6 was to the National Marine Aquarium for the STEMFest 2019. The children worked as teams to build a pirate ship to successful transport 'cannonballs'. The all-girls team won, well done! :) Next, the children worked with Princess Yachts to make their very own plaque! This involved filing the wooden edges, hammering the metal plaque into place and engraving their initials! To finish the day, the class went on a virtual reality tour along the Plymouth Sound on a yacht. The children had a brilliant time and were well behaved! :)
To start our new topic, the children became the Year 6 archaeologist team! They had to work in pairs to find the hidden ancient Egyptian artefact, using the skills required of an archaeologist. Once the children found their artefact, they recorded their finds in their books and managed to show their curiosity by asking some great questions about their find!