Year 5

Welcome to year 5
Mr Moore
Mrs Grainger
Mrs McGrath
This term, year 5 will be studying the world and its countries, especially European countries. We will also look at the properties of materials and how to change them. In the second half of the term we will be studying some of the explorers and adventurers who have left from Plymouth.
Logo Programming
Year 5 have been writing short programmes using the language Logo. They have used repetition, sequencing and variables to create the output they wanted.
They had to show many of our LEARNING DISPOSITIONS.
They were RESOURCEFUL in using the help guides and friends.
They were OPEN to suggestions about how to improve their work.
They were ASPIRATIONAL about wanting to create more complex designs.
They had to be RESILIENT when things didn't work first time.
They were REFLECTIVE about how successful they had been and what they could try next.
The programme that we used is Logo. You can download this free programme from here.
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Angle Estimation Games.
Here are the links to the games we have played in class.