Week 01.06.20
Hello Year 4 ! Find the activities for this week below.
Spelling activities
5 lessons of Maths from White Rose.
Share a story
Just for fun activities, Science and Topic work.
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English Activities 
Spelling & spelling activities.
 Spotting a Tsunami
Share a story
Previously you completed work on the play script, Little Red Riding Hood.
 Now read the power point on writing a play script and look at the WAGOLL Jack and Jill.
Your task is to write your own play script based on the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffet.
Watch the you tube video below as it will give you ideas for your play.
Just for fun activities, Science & Topic work.
Test your knowledge
Hopefully you have been able to complete  the sound activities in your home learning pack and the on line activities.
Now complete the activity below.
Topic Work : The Tudors
Henry VIII and the Church.  
The Reformation
In your home learning pack you will  have found out that Henry had quite a few wives.
In order to marry his 2nd wife Henry had to divorce his first. As a result, he set up The Church of England.
Watch the clip below , do the on line activity and then complete the activity set.