Year 4

Our Topic this term is Rivers.
We asked ourselves, 'What is a river?'
A River
We discovered that a river is a path of water that flows downhill.
Look at our knowledge organiser and find out what we will be covering in our topic this term.
Responsibilities in Year 4.
We were very proud to receive our Bronze award.
Year 4 pupils busy using the working walls! 
Year 4 life; Autumn 2019.
We have had a really great term finding out about the Romans. Marcus of the VI Legion came for the day and revealed the secrets of the Roman soldier's shield, armour & equipment.
As a consequence of practising battle formations using the scutum, we decided to design and make our own shield in DT
Whilst we were learning about the Romans, we discovered the world of Mosaics. We studied Antonio Gaudi, 'The Barcelona Genius'and went on to create our own mosaics. 
We are learning about the human digestive system. Today, 2nd October 2019, we created our own system using a plastic bag as the mouth & stomach; bananas& crackers as food,orange juice to act as gastric juice, water instead of saliva,tights acting as the small intestine & plastic cups for the large intestine and anus.
A tray acted as the body to collect the nutrients to help people grow and have energy.