Year 4

Welcome to Year Four!
Class MT
Spring 2021.
If you have any questions:
By the end of Year 4 all children must know the x table.
Please practise 20 mins a day using TT Rockstars.
Our topic this term is Rivers.
We are learning about how the river is formed, the journey of a river, our local rivers and the five major rivers in Europe.
Science this term is states of matter.
Topic work this week will be looking at the journey of a river.
Below you can watch a video about the journey of the River Severn, the longest river in Britain.
It also has the longest crossing connecting England to Wales.
This week in PHSE pupils are finding out that sometimes hopes and dreams don't always work out and this can be hurtful.
They think about times when a dream or goal didn't work out for them and how they could help others cope with hurt and disappointment.
Year 4 Information
Spellings - The spelling objective will be introduced on a Monday and activities will be included in the pack to help the children learn them. 
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