Year 3

Welcome to the new Year 3 class page. Please open the power point presentation below. This will give you information about what to expect in Year 3 next year. See you soon!
Miss Vosper
Spring Term
This term, we will be learning about World War ll. We will be exploring how the war started, how the evacuations happened, rationing, D-Day and much more! 
In Science, we will be learning all about at light, and plants.
Wb: 01.03.21
'less' and 'ly' suffixes:
Please learn the spellings below. 
1. careless = not paying enough attention to what you are doing
2. carefully = paying attention to what you are doing to avoid mistakes
3. hopeless = having no hope
4. hopefully = having hope/with luck.
5. thoughtless = a thoughtless person forgets or ignores what people want, need or feel
6. smoothly = successful and without problems
7. frantically = behaving in a wild, desperate way because of anxiety or fear
8. helpless = if you are helpless, you are unable to protect yourself or do anything useful
9. harmless = having no bad effects
10. magically = using or as if by magic/ in a beautiful or delightful way
Maths Lesson Video Links
Please remember to keep practicing your times tables on Times Tables Rockstars. There are quite a few children who have still not logged into this. 
English Lesson Video Links
Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 videos below. Please watch the whole video before completing your task.
ERIC Lesson Video Links
Day 1 video below. Please answer the questions for day 2-5.
Please remember to write in full sentences. We are seeing a lot of work not in full sentences.
Science Home Learning
Topic Home Learning
PE Home Learning Activities
Check the calendar every day to see what you need to do to keep moving and grooving!
Handwriting Cursive Practice