Year 3

Welcome to Year 3
Follow this page to see what exciting things have been happening in Year 3!
Our class teacher is Miss Wickenden.
Our class teaching assistant is Mrs Raiman. 
Things to remember each week...
PE is every Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure your child has their kit and that their hair is tied back. 
Spellings will be handed out every Friday and tested the following Friday. 
One of the Year 3 maths targets is to understand the multiplication and division facts for the 3x, 4x, and 8x tables. Please use the link below for you to log in and to practice and develop your understanding.
In Autumn Term, we will be learning about...
Something rather strange happened in the Year 3 classroom. After lunch a random 'Egyptian tomb' appeared in the middle of our classroom and Ms Raiman was nowhere in sight! We had to work in groups and become archaeologists for the afternoon. We were given a torch and in small groups we were allowed to crawl through the tomb to find different Egyptian artefacts. Once we had found one, we had to take it in turns to draw in detail what we saw. At the end of the tomb, Ms Raiman was brilliantly playing the role of Tutankhamun! This experience helped us learn about Howard Carter discovering the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun! See below for pictures! :)
In English, we have been looking at The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo. To help understand the story, we worked in groups to create a freeze frame from different parts of the story. Miss Wickenden then asked us to share what our charaters might have been thinking at that point of the story. She was super impressed with our responses! Have a look at our freeze frames below! :)
In Science, we have been learning about Forces and Magnets. We have learnt about lots about pushes and pulls and what is/isn't magentic. To end our unit, we used our knowledge of how magnets work and attract to paperclips and in pairs we created our own magnetic games. See the photos below! :)
In Topic, Year 3 explored how the pyramids in Ancient Egypt were made. We learnt that King Khufu had the Great Pyramid of Giza built for himself and that the Kings and Queens of Ancient Egypt are buried inside them.
We watched a documentary that explores new evidence found to show how the heavy limestone blocks on the Pyramid of Giza were transported across Egypt. To finish, we worked in teams to create our very own pyramids out of sugar cubes. It's a lot harder than it looks! 
In English this week, we have started our new unit about 'Setting Descriptions'. On our first lesson we were transported to the haunted house. We had to use our facial expressions to show our emotions and actions to show how we would move around a scary setting. Look below at our scared faces!
To start our topic off, we became the Year 3 archaeologist team! We headed down to Foundation where Ancient Egyptian artefacts had magically appeared in the sand tray! We used paintbrushes as our chosen tool to carefully brush away the sand to find our artefacts. We then took them back to the classroom, where we drew a detailed drawing of our artefact and thought of some questions we could ask an expert about it.