Year 3

Welcome to Year 3
Follow this page to see what exciting things have been happening in Year 3! 
  • Miss Jade Wickenden

    Class Teacher

  • Ms Jo Raiman

    Teaching Assistant

Things to remember each week...
PE is every Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure your child has their kit and that their hair is tied back. 
Spellings will be handed out every Friday and tested the following Friday. 
One of the Year 3 maths targets is to understand the multiplication and division facts for the 3x, 4x, and 8x tables. Please use the link below for you to log in and to practice and develop your understanding.
In Summer Term, we will be learning about...
Year 3 had lots of fun making our very own stone age stewed fruit! The children took it in turns to chop the fruit, weigh the hazelnuts and stir the food. After we all had a try and some of us found we really liked it! :)
For Art this week, Year 3 have created their own Stone Age cave paintings. We looked at some cave paintings that had been discovered in Lascaux which gave the children inspirations for the colours and images to include in their own cave. 
To start our new English unit, Adventure Stories, we found a mysterious message in a jar in the playground. Inside was letter from Joe and Rahul asking for our help to find the treasure they dropped running away from the scruffy, old man. The children were excited to find their treasure and were able to use their inference skills to work out who the treasure belonged to and why Joe and Rahul were running away from the scruffy, old man. 
In Spring Term, we will be learning about...
Plymouth in the Blitz
All term, Year 3 have been working hard to earn marbles towards an end of term treat by following the school and class rules and WOWING Miss Wickenden with their excellent learning behaviour. They managed to fill the marble jar and the class chose a pyjama party! So, on the last day of term Year 3 got into their pyjamas and had a party! :) We had some party food, danced to some music, played musical statues and finished off by getting snug and watching a film! Have a look at the photos below! The children worked incredibly hard and are looking forward to earning marbles in the new term towards a new treat!
On Thursday 21st March 2019, Year 3 became evacuees for the day as we evacuated the children off to Calstock in Cornwall. The children and adults were all dressed up in their fabulous evacuee outfits which really helped give a 1940's vibe to the day. We met some parents at Keyham Train Station who very kindly waved us off, just as parents would have done during World War Two. We also sang some World War Two songs to get us in a good mood! :) We arrived at Calstock and ate our lunch in the Old Chapel and did a rotation of activities. The activities included sketching the beautiful scene out the window, looking a picture book based on life after the war and used empathy to imagine how a real evacuee would have felt. To end the day, we played in the play park before boarding the train back home. The children were brilliantly behaved and thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Take a look at the photos below! :)
Unfortunately a member of Year 3 couldn't make it to Calstock today and we all missed them lots! So to make them feel better we created this video! See you soon! :)
We started our new English unit today and Miss Wickenden read the book 'The Lion and the Unicorn' by Shirley Hughes. To help us understand the story, we were put into groups and had to create a freeze frame from different parts of the story. We had to make sure we were really still and had good facial expressions! Look at our photos below! :)
A member of Year 3 made an amazing World War Two toy with her Grandad! Before music we all had a go at playing her tabletop skittles! Even Mr Keates, our music teacher, had a go and got a strike! We all had fun and a good laugh! :)
We had a special delivery to Year 3 of some old and worn suitcases. When we opened them we discovered lots of clues that would help us work out who the owners. So we took our English lesson outside onto the sunny playground, where we had to use our inference skills to find out who they belonged to. After lots of investigating, we discovered they belonged to David and Tucky, the two evacuee boys from our class novel Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo!
As part of Health Week, we had St John Ambulance come in to teach us some first aid. The children learnt how to put on a bandage, how to call 999 for an ambulance, how to put an injured arm in a sling and how to save someone if they are choking. The children were brilliantly behaved and have learnt many vital life skills.
Also as part of Health Week, we had a yoga instructor come in to do some yoga with us. We concentrated on our breathing and stretching and helped us feel very relaxed in the afternoon. 
In Science, we have been learning the scientific name of the bones. We learnt a song to help us remember them, and we even built our own skeletons!
In Autumn Term, we will be learning about...
Year 3 had an Ancient Egyptian Day to close our Autumn topic. First, the children created their own Egyptian headbands - which they wore all day! Then, we made our very own canopic jars and Egyptian necklaces. After lunch, we had an Egyptian 'feast', which included ham, pitta bread, grapes and apple juice. We have also unwrapped our mummified oranges, which have been mummifying for nearly 40 days! Have a look below to see our photos! :)
On Friday 14th December, it was National Christmas Jumper Day. All the children looked fabulous in their Christmas attire and the donations are thankfully received! Have a look below at how great we looked!
In our new science unit we have been looking at light and how it reflects off mirrors in straight lines so that we can see our reflection. To help us understand how mirrors work, we played a game called 'Mirror Messages' where the childre had to write a word, reflect it in the mirror and copy the mirror image of the word. Their partner then had to use a mirror to reflect the word back to read the word correctly in the reflection of the mirror. 
In Maths, we have started our multiplication and division unit. We have already looked at multiplication as grouping, repeated addition and using an array. Look at the photos below to see our brilliant arrays to help us multiply by 3!
Today, Year 3 became Egyptian embalmers and we had a go at mummifying an orange!
First, we split the orange and spooned out all the segments. Next, we dried the inside with paper towels and put a spoonful of cinnamon and a few cloves inside the orange. After that, Miss Wickenden mixed salt and biocarbonate of soda and we spooned it into the oranges. Finally, Ms Raiman wrapped each orange up in bandages and placed them in a warm, dry place.
Just before we break up for Christmas, we will unwrap the oranges to see how mummified they are!
Year 3 have been working really hard in PE, working in groups to come up with their own Egyptian themed dance. The focus for the dance was the River Nile and it's seasons. 
First season - Akhet - sowing the seeds and the River Nile floods.
Second season - Peret - the crops grow.
Third season - Shemu - harvest the crops that have grown. 
The children had to ROARR in every lesson and Miss Wickenden and Ms Raiman are incredibly proud of their attitudes to their learning in dance. 
Below is a video of their final performance! :)
Something rather strange happened in the Year 3 classroom. After lunch a random 'Egyptian tomb' appeared in the middle of our classroom and Ms Raiman was nowhere in sight! We had to work in groups and become archaeologists for the afternoon. We were given a torch and in small groups we were allowed to crawl through the tomb to find different Egyptian artefacts. Once we had found one, we had to take it in turns to draw in detail what we saw. At the end of the tomb, Ms Raiman was brilliantly playing the role of Tutankhamun! This experience helped us learn about Howard Carter discovering the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun! See below for pictures! :)
In English, we have been looking at The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo. To help understand the story, we worked in groups to create a freeze frame from different parts of the story. Miss Wickenden then asked us to share what our charaters might have been thinking at that point of the story. She was super impressed with our responses! Have a look at our freeze frames below! :)
In Science, we have been learning about Forces and Magnets. We have learnt about lots about pushes and pulls and what is/isn't magentic. To end our unit, we used our knowledge of how magnets work and attract to paperclips and in pairs we created our own magnetic games. See the photos below! :)
In Topic, Year 3 explored how the pyramids in Ancient Egypt were made. We learnt that King Khufu had the Great Pyramid of Giza built for himself and that the Kings and Queens of Ancient Egypt are buried inside them.
We watched a documentary that explores new evidence found to show how the heavy limestone blocks on the Pyramid of Giza were transported across Egypt. To finish, we worked in teams to create our very own pyramids out of sugar cubes. It's a lot harder than it looks! 
In English this week, we have started our new unit about 'Setting Descriptions'. On our first lesson we were transported to the haunted house. We had to use our facial expressions to show our emotions and actions to show how we would move around a scary setting. Look below at our scared faces!
To start our topic off, we became the Year 3 archaeologist team! We headed down to Foundation where Ancient Egyptian artefacts had magically appeared in the sand tray! We used paintbrushes as our chosen tool to carefully brush away the sand to find our artefacts. We then took them back to the classroom, where we drew a detailed drawing of our artefact and thought of some questions we could ask an expert about it.