Year 2

Welcome to our Year 2 page
If you have any questions:
Week Beginning 01.03.2021
On this class page I will upload the relevant links to videos when they are ready.
Mrs Blake's Story Time:
There is now a playlist with all of Mrs Blake's stories on it. 
Phonics Links:
There is a playlist for each group below. Please scroll through the playlist to find the correct Phonics lesson.
Maths Links:
There is no worksheet for Monday's lessons, but there are videos for the rest of the games.
NumBots link:
Follow the link below, enter drake primary school. Use the login details in the front of the red Topic books to log into your child's account. It is a username and password, not a pin.
English Links:
ERIC links:
There will be one video each week which needs to be watched on a Monday. This will explore the week's text.
There are then questions for Tuesday-Thursday.
Friday - Reread and retell your favourite story.
If you work with Mrs Brocklebank for ERIC watch the Year 2 ERIC video, if you work with Mrs Blake for ERIC please watch Miss Hands video. 
Topic Link:
DT Link:
PE Links:
You can use these videos to warm up before you practice the skill card that is in your paper pack.