Year 2 Home Learning WB: 01.06.2020

Year 2 Home Learning

WB 01.06.2020


Home learning packs have been available since 11th May from school. They have 4 weeks worth of home learning in them. You can collect these from school during school hours. The work that is in the packs and other additional activities are also on this page. 

This week you have:

-      Weekly spelling practice sheet.

-      5 maths lessons from White Rose. 

-      5 English activities.

-      Share a Story and activities.

-      Science activity.

-      Just for fun activities (This will rotate every few weeks).

Please see the timetable for guidance on how this should look each day.


If you need anything or would like to show me any work you have completed please email me at

Art Challenge:
This week's art challenge is based around 'architecture' which means designs and drawings of buildings. Have a look at this Scottish architectural artist:
Can you draw your favourite building or bridge? Maybe even the Royal Albert Bridge! 
Weekly Spelling Practice:
Same as before half term. Yellow group choose 5 more year 1 spellings. All other children choose 10 year 2 spellings.
If you have finished the spellings, please email me and I will provide you with some more. 
Maths Lessons:
Continuing with the lessons on White Rose website. Watch the video on the link and then complete the worksheet. Complete one a day. We are on Summer term week 5. Day 5 are challenges on the website
English activities:
Writing task:
Spelling activity (not in printed home learning packs):
Create a suffix fortune teller, if you don't have a printer you could write it on a plain piece of paper. 
Yellow group - phonics activities.
SPAG activity:
Handwriting sheet: This is in the printed home learning packs.
Practicing capital letters. 
Sentence activity:
Write and complete each of these sentences, they each have a different conjunction: 
and, but, or 
We could go into the forest and 

We could go into the forest but  

We could go into the forest or  


Challenge:  Write a sentence describing what you are going to do tomorrow.

Share a story and activities:
This weeks story is 'The runaway iceberg'.
The eBook, reading comprehensions (you may have completed 'Amazing Antarctica' before) and other activities are below. 
Science activities: 
There are two science activities linked to the share a story, which are below. 
There is also a copy on the science booklet that is in the home learning packs, complete over the next two weeks (or more). 
Topic activities:
Use the PowerPoint to learn and then complete the activities. One was in your home learning pack, the other is an extra one to complete if you would like to!  
Just for fun 2: