Year 2

Welcome to our Year 2 page
In Year 2, Mrs Crowhurst and Mrs Callaway are our teachers and Mrs Clifford is our Teaching Assistant.
Year 2 are continuing to work very hard in all their learning. We are making sure we are getting ready for our SATs but having a lot of fun along the way!
So far we have learnt about the Great Fire of London and how we can use materials and which are suitable for certain job.
We have and exciting Spring term ahead where we will be learning about 'All about me'. This will focus on our bodies and their changes as well as our UK map and their capital cities. We are also going to learn about school's namesake - Sir Francis Drake.
 Below is a link to a document which shows what we will be learning over the year. 
Have a look!
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Health Week
We are using Health week as an introduction to our next topic 'All about me' which is called 'Super Humans'. This week we have found out what we know and what keeps us healthy. We are doing a bit of Yoga to help keep our body and minds healthy.
All about me - Super Humans
Spring Term 2
This term we have been learning about the human body as well as how animals grow and change. We can identify many parts of the human body and know what they are used for. We have written fact files about the human body and as a conclusion to our topic we went to the Butterfly and Otter sanctuary to learn more about life cycles.
All about me - My Country
Spring term 1
Over the Spring term, we will be learning all about ourselves. We will start by looking at our country and looking on maps to find ourselves, our city and the country we live in. We will also learn about our school's name sake Sir Francis Drake and find out what he is famous for as well as finding out facts. 
Our trip to the theatre to watch the Enormous Turnip
Autumn Term 2
This term all our learning is been about everyday uses of materials. We have built on our learning about fire and visited the Energy for Waste plant, where they burn all our rubbish that can't be recycled. We started by exploring different materials and then used our scientific knowledge to sort and classify them. We are now going to use materials to explore what is best to make boats and test these using our knowledge of properties.
Maths Learning
Autumn term 1
Our first topic of the school year will be all about fire. We will be learning about famous fires throughout history and in the present. As well as this, we will be visiting our local fire station, finding out how they keep us safe and how we can keep ourselves safe.
As an introduction to our new topic, we looked at some items and had to guess what they could be used for. Mr Woodgates then shared with us that we would be building a fire and cooking marshmallows on it.
We learnt how it felt, what it looks like and what sounds it makes as well as what happens when certain materials are put on the fire.
Great fire of London Re-enactment. 
The children made their own model houses and we showed the children what would have happened to the houses once the fire started in Pudding Lane.
Fire engine and Camel's Head Fire Station visit
The children were lucky enough to have the Fire Fighters from Camel's Head Fire station visit the school where they learnt about what to do if there was a fire at home and how to stay safe. They got to look in the fire engine and spray the hoses, TWICE!
They were then invited to the station where they met Fire fighter Roberts and had a tour of the station.