Week commencing 01.06.2020

Week commencing 01.06.2020
Hello Year 1!
Welcome to your home learning page!
Below is the home learning for this week. The resources needed are below that and none of the activities need to be printed. The children can write any answers and sentences in their exercise books.
Also I have uploaded 'Just for Fun' activities which will be updated every 3 weeks.
 We appreciate your support at this time, thank you. 
Any concerns please email me at year1@drakeprimaryschool.onmicrosoft.com and I will get back to you ASAP. Also please email me pictures of the work you are completing; I'd love to see it!
Week commencing 01.06.2020
Art challenge!
This week's art challenge is based around 'architecture' which means designs and drawings of buildings. Have a look at this Scottish architectural artist: https://www.instagram.com/minty_sainsbury/.
Can you draw your favourite building or bridge? Maybe even the Royal Albert Bridge! Send your pictures to year1@drakeprimaryschool.onmicrosoft.com
Maths resources:
Below are 4 lessons for this week and the link to the videos. Friday's lesson is a BBC Bitesize challenge which can also be accessed through the link.
Below is a link for Numbots! Login using the details given to you and start playing! I can see how you are getting on so impress me!
Topic Resources:
Either using the picture below or drawing your own, can you label the parts of the beach? Use these words to help you: coastline, cliff, sea, beach, rock pool.
Here are some other links to activities you can do with your children such as zoo cams, PE videos and daily diaries!
English Resources:
Each week will consist of 5 sections; Reading, Writing, Improving sentences, Spelling and SPAG (punctuation)
The messy magpie!
Read the e-book below and then complete the reading comprehension questions and activities. Choose which level you do (one star, two star or three star).
After reading the Ebook, this week's writing task is to write to humans to persuade them not to litter! Use the WAGOLL below to help you.
Improving sentences:
Use the link below for Oxford Owl e-books to read in your child's book band!
Here is a video of all of Phase 5 sounds and the alternatives! Use this to help if you have forgotten any!