School Uniform and PE/Games Kit

 At Drake, we take a pride in our school’s good reputation in the local community and like to see our children taking a similar pride by wearing our school uniform so smartly. Our school council chose the new uniform which was introduced in September 2015. We provide a service through ‘Adelie’, a local company, to help parents ensure that their child is dressed in the Drake uniform. Please make sure every item of clothing brought into school is named. Any clothing found will be placed in the lost property basket next to the front door. It is a good idea to periodically check that the names can be clearly read, especially after repeated washing.

Boys- knitted blue jumper or v-neck blue sweatshirt, white shirt and Drake tie, black/grey trousers and black school shoes.

Girls- knitted jumper or cardigan, white shirt and Drake tie, black/grey trousers or skirt and black school shoes, not boots or shoes with high heels. In summer a Royal blue check gingham dress may be worn.

 Summer shoes should protect the toes, open toed sandals or flip flops are not permitted.

Children should not wear any jewellery, beyond a watch and stud earrings.

Children’s hair should be smart in appearance not overly gelled or styled. Long hair should be tied back for safety and hygiene.

Outdoor for Boys/Girls

                *Royal Blue Fleece Jacket

                *Navy Waterproof Jacket

                *Royal Blue Knitted Hat

All the starred items are available to order from school office.  The school logo in either blue or yellow is on each of the starred items.

PE Kit:

Boys:    *White or Yellow Tee Shirt

             *Royal Blue Shorts or Navy blue Jog Pants

                   Dance or Gymnastics (Bare Feet)

                   Indoor Games, Outdoor sport and athletics (Trainers or Plimsolls)

 Girls:     *White or Yellow Tee Shirt.

              *Royal Blue Shorts or Navy Blue Jog Pants

                Dance or Gymnastics (Bare Feet)

                Indoor Games, Outdoor sport and athletics (Trainers or Plimsolls).   

 Children should leave their PE kits in school and take them home at the end of each half term for washing, unless they become particularly dirty. This should ensure their kits are available all term.