School Day

The doors are opened at the start of the day at 8.30am. The infant children enter through their classroom doors on the ground floor. The junior children enter the school through the sports hall door next to the steps on the top playground. A member of staff will be on duty to pass any messages on to your child’s teacher if required.

All the children have a morning play. You can, of course provide you child with a healthy snack from home if you wish. Please make sure it is either a piece fruit or similar and not crisps, sweets, biscuits or anything containing nuts.

Lunchtime runs between at 11.50am for infants and 1.15pm for the juniors. All infant children are eligible for a free hot meal at lunchtime but you can provide them with a packed lunch if you wish. The meal time supervisors look after the children during lunch time and encourage them to use good table manners whilst eating. There is a play leader on each playground initiating large games and activities encouraging the children to play constructively. Some yr6 children are trained as ‘Super Squaddies’ and they lead games and activities on the infant playground. Lunch finishes at 1.15pm.

The infant children have a short play time at 2.20pm when they have the free fruit provided by the Local Authority.

School ends at 3.00pm. The infants leave by their classroom doors and the junior classes leave by the sports hall door onto the playground. (The year 3 teacher and a duty teacher will be available at the door to answer any queries you may have at the end of the day.)

Our assemblies are generally Christian based but from time to time there will be guest speakers from other religions and from local churches.

  • Monday 9.00am - Whole School Assembly.
  • Friday 2.50pm - Whole School Assembly.