Child protection plays a central part in promoting safety and well being.

We believe that children have a fundamental right to feel safe and protected from any form of abuse. Therefore we aim to provide a secure, caring environment and a curriculum which nurtures self-esteem and empowers children to protect themselves.

We aim to ensure that children who are vulnerable, at risk and have suffered or are likely to suffer significant harm are identified, and appropriate action is taken to keep them safe. Drake Primary Academy will continue to develop a systematic approach towards identification and referral of suspected child abuse to an appropriate agency. We recognise that abuse may be emotional, physical, sexual or through neglect.

The name of the Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead Person is: Pauline Donnellon  

The name of the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Persons are:  Joe Roberts, Susie Carroll, Pam Maher, Issie Tripp

The name of the link Child Protection Governor is: Janice Carr

 If you are concerned over the conduct or behaviour of an adult in the school towards a child then please inform Mr Roberts or Mrs Carroll immediately. The school's policy and procedures on allegations against staff or volunteers can be downloaded below.

A copy of our safeguarding notice can be downloaded from here. This notice is displayed prominently all over the school.