Year 5

Welcome to year 5
Mr Moore
Mrs Grainger
This term, year 5 will be studying Ancient Greece, learning all about the ways that they have influenced our life. In science we will continue to study materials and also look at forces and mechanisms. In technology we will be learning about cams and levers and making toys linked to Greek myths.
Quizzes about countries
The children each researched a European country at home and produced a poster about it.
In school they produced an interactive quiz based ion their poster.
Good Luck!!
Last year's Art Week Gallery
On 27th March we will be seeing a production of Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.
Here are some alternative versions.
Angle Estimation Games.
Here are the links to the games we have played in class.
Some video of the children using the fire hose. (unfortunately we were short on battery so they are very short)
Video of polystyrene dissolving in acetone.
We mixed cornflour and water.
Is it a liquid?
Is it a solid?
No, it's a non- Newtonian fluid!!
Videos of rowing