Year 5

Welcome to year 5
Mr Moore
Mrs Grainger
This term, year 5 will be studying the Earth and the solar system. We will also look at forces and mechanisms. In English we will be studying the author Paul Jennings and learning how to persuade. In computing children will be creating their own computer games using Scratch.
Art Week Gallery
Quizzes about countries
The children each researched a European country at home and produced a poster about it.
In school they produced an interactive quiz based ion their poster.
Good Luck!!
Here are videos of the toys which the children made using cams and levers.
Which is your favourite?
Angle Estimation Games.
Here are the links to the games we have played in class.
Video of polystyrene dissolving in acetone.
We mixed cornflour and water.
Is it a liquid?
Is it a solid?
No, it's a non- Newtonian fluid!!