Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 Spring 2018.
Our topic this term has a science theme:
We are finding out about famous scientists and inventors; Alexander Bell ,Michael Faraday, Dr. Jenner and Edison. 
In our investigations we will be learning about sound, electricity and states of matter.
Last term we visited the Eden project and experienced what it would be like in the Amazon Rainforest.
We also enjoyed a Christmas /Winter activity
Home learning display Spring 2018.
Year 4 were asked to investigate a scientist or inventor of their choice.
Thirteen pupils completed the task and wrote a report.
We have been finding out about sound and how the ear works.
We completed a number of activities;one was making a telephone to see how sound travels.
Health week and Internet safety Day.
We looked at how to keep our teeth healthy and we created our own safe internet profiles and e'mail address.