Year 3

Welcome to Year 3
Follow this page to see what exciting things have been happening in Year 3!
Our class teacher is Miss Wickenden.
Our class teaching assistant is Mrs Raiman. 
Things to remember each week...
PE is every Monday and Tuesday. Please ensure your child has their kit and that their hair is tied back. 
Spellings will be handed out every Friday and tested the following Friday. 
One of the Year 3 maths targets is to understand the multiplication and division facts for the 3x, 4x, and 8x tables. Please use the link below for you to log in and to practice and develop your understanding.
This term we are learning about the...
On Friday 8th June 2018, as part of out English unit on Instructions, Year 3 had a go at following a set of instructions to make their very own Woolly Mammoth models. The children were good at following the instructions precisely and the end of results are fab! Take a look at the photos to see the finished models!
As part of our new English unit on Instructions, we looked at the text 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley. The children created freeze frames as part of their drama to create a snapshot of each step. Take a look at the photos below :)
Welcome back to our last term in Year 3! We are continuing with our Stone Age topic and kicked off this term by drawing our very own cave paintings! We started by watching videos and looking at lots of different examples on Google. We had a different kind of art lesson as we rolled out paper on the floor for the children to draw their personal caves. Take a look at the photos below! :)
On Friday 18th May 2018, we celebrated the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Megan. The children looked fabulous in their red, white and blue mufti! 
Before our street party, we decorated our very own crowns, fit for any King or Queen!
After the awesome street party, we decorated our own wedding cupcakes and after we had eaten them we partied until home time! Enjoy our photos below! :)
Last term we were learning about...
On our last day of Spring Term, the children worked hard to make their very own Anderson Shelter! They look fabulous! Take a look at the photos below :)
On Tuesday 27th March 2018, Year 3 visited the exhibit Plymouth: From Destruction to Reconstruction at House of Fraser. The children were able to go into a real Anderson Shelter to experience how small and cramped they were. We also got to see the bomb map of Plymouth, a real (exploded!) incendiary bomb and an Air Raid Wardens uniform. 
The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the exhibit, and enjoyed using the public bus to get into town! I am incredibly proud of how well-behaved the class were. Alan at the exhibit even told us how impressed he was of our behaviour and enthusiasm to learn! Take a look at the photos below!
On Thursday 22nd March 2018, Year 3 were evacuated to Calstock in Cornwall. All the children and adults looked fabulous in their 1940's inspired outfits. We boarded the train at Keyham Station and arrived at beautiful Calstock all in high spirits! We had lunch at The Old Chapel and completed a carousel of activities to get us in the mindframe of an evacuee. Afterwards, we played in the 'ship' playground before heading back to the train station.
A note from Miss Wickenden: Thank you so much to all the parents for your help in getting the children in their gorgeous outfits! They all looked the part and it really added to their learning experience. Good times were had by all and the children behaved impeccably. They were superstars and I am extremely proud of them :) Enjoy all the photos that were taken below!
In Science, we have been learning about our skeletons. We used this song and powerpoint to help us the learn the name of the bones.
On Monday mornings we have cricket with Alex. We have had lots of fun learning and practising new skills. Take a look at the photos below to see our learning!

Last Term

We learnt all about...


We became the Year 3 archaeologist team and discover all about the world of Ancient Egypt! This involved digging for artefacts, building our own pyramids, creating canopic jars and having an Ancient Egyptian Day! See below for some photos of our learning journey...
Our First Week in Year 3
We have had so much fun in our first week in Key Stage 2! We have some new friends joining us so we have spent the first few days getting to know one another and our teacher and TA. To start we learnt how to work well in a team and why this is important in our learning. Miss Wickenden set us the challenge of making the tallest tower BUT we were only allowed to use spaghetti and marshmallows! Miss Raiman, Miss Wickenden and Mrs Mason showed us what bad teamwork looked like and Mrs Phillips had to come and tell them off! 
We worked really hard in our teams and rose to the challenge! See our photos below! 
On Thursday we explored what we think a friend is. Miss Wickenden was really impressed at how mature our answers were! To help us understand what qualities are needed for us to be a good friend and for us to find in our friends, in pairs, we made 'A recipe for a friend...' See below for photos of us making our recipes and what our answers to finishing off the sentence - 'A friend is...'