Year 2

Welcome to our Year 2 page!
Year 2 are continuing to work very hard in all their learning. We are making sure we are getting ready for our SATs but having a lot of fun along the way!
So far we have learnt about ourselves and our country, the Great Fire of London and how we can use materials and which are suitable for certain job.
We have and exciting Summer term ahead where we will be learning about 'Our World'. This will focus on our environment, plant life, habitats of different creatures as well as all the heroes in the world.
 Below is a link to a document which shows what we will be learning over the year. 
Have a look!
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Autumn 1
Our first topic of the school year will be all about fire. We will be learning about famous fires throughout history and in the present. As well as this, we will be visiting our local fire station, finding out how they keep us safe and how we can keep ourselves safe.
As an introduction to our new topic, we looked at some items and had to guess what they could be used for. Mr Woodgates then shared with us that we would be building a fire and cooking marshmallows on it.
We learnt how it felt, what it looks like and what sounds it makes as well as what happens when certain materials are put on the fire.