Parent Survey

Parent Questionnaire 2016 Whole School
We like to know your opinions and feeling on how the school caters for your family and children's' needs. 
Every year, we send out a Parent Questionnaire in order to see what we do well, and what you feel needs improvement.
These are the results of the 2016 survey - figures are percentages, but have been rounded so may not total
Yes very     
much so      
No not       
   My Child is happy at school 60 37   0
   My child feels safe at this school 67  32  0
   My child is well looked after at this school 61 37 
   I am satisfied with the values and attitudes
   of the schoolteachers 
56 40 
   This school ensures that pupils are well behaved 58 41 
    I receive valuable information from the school
    about my child's progress 
50  42 
   My child is taught well at school
65  32 
   My child makes good progress at school 60  37 
   The school helps me to support my child's learning 54  42 
   My child receives appropriate homework for their
52  42 
   The school meets my child's particular needs
60  36 
   The school has high expectations of behaviour
55  42 
   This school deals effectively with bullying 
48   38  1 10 
   My child is encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle
52  44 
   The school has a welcoming atmosphere
60  38 
   I am able to see the teachers and Headteacher when I need to
62  30 
   I know how to approach the School Governors should I need to
36  23  37 
   The school responds to any concerns I raise
54  37 
   This school is well led and managed
60  37 
   Overall, I am happy with my child's experience at this school
61  37 
   I would recommend the school to new/other parents
64  35