parent Questionnaire - Comments

Parent Questionnaire 2016 - Comments


Things I like:

  • Drake offers excellent exercise to children during school and after school
  • Teachers at Drake are very approachable
  • The school is very supportive of home issues
  • Friendly staff, great and reassuring
  • Appropriate homework
  • The uniform
  • Good security access/ school security system
  • Communication
  • Lovely supporting and happy atmosphere
  • Breakfast and after school club
  • ICT suite
  • Commitment to effective teaching
  • I am made to feel valued
  • I know my child is safe at school
Things I would like to see improved:
  • Polo Shirts for Foundation Class- we have recently moved away from polo shirts to use white button up shirts.This we felt was a cheaper option for parents. 
  • Reinstate Wake and Shake 
  • More creative teaching inventions such as Forest School and Gardening Activities 
  • End of year reports 
  • Better Parking - unfortunately we are situated in a built up area. Parking cannot be provided as we have no space to expand into! We are no longer able to use the Quarry Car Park due to insurance issues for the MOD. 
  • Its impossible to get into After School Club and its hard to work and pick up children some days - unfortunately the number of After School Club spaces available is limited to 35 because of space requirements - we are unable to accommodate any further After School spaces - sorry
  • Could you run a Homework club after school because I work long hours- there is a homework club available that runs at lunchtime. All children are able to attend.
  • Could you provide more holiday clubs for working families- up take for the holiday club planned last year did not make it viable to run. 
  • Provide more Play equipment /games to support playtimes - the school council has chosen £200 worth of new equipment. Some of our Year 6 children volunteer as 'Super Squaddies' to support play and games in the Key Stage 1 playground.
  • Money raised by the school should not go to charity but be used for resources- the school council chooses how we use the money collected, they do like to support many local raised by the PTFA has been spent on school resources such as tablets and new reading books for KS2.
  • Some activities are planned on short notice- sometimes this is unavoidable but we will try to ensure adequate notice is given this year.
  • Money for trips etc. is needed a bit too often – we would like to see more subsidies for school trips- we do try to minimise the cost of trips by using public transport and choosing venues that are free, but financially it is very difficult to provide subsidies for all trips.
  • Transport for 3 weeks of swimming – parents were asked to make a contribution- it is planned to provide transport this year if possible.
  • Dinner tickets and payment system is outdated – please allow electronic payments- the new website and VLE we are developing supports electronic payment, governors’ plan to review its use this year.
  • School governors not known-  our governors are planning a special newsletter to help you get to know them better.
  • School meal options/ balanced diet- our menu is planned by CATERed and should be both balanced and healthy.
  • Provide larger meal portions for older children- Iain Tendell ,our kitchen manager, is happy to give seconds to any child who has finished their meal.
  • Make  pram access to top gate easier- we will review this