Welcome to Foundation's Class Page!
Learn here about our classroom, our topics and check out the latest ways you can support your child at home.
Remember the vital ways you can help your child at home:
  1.  Read with your child for 5 minutes at least 3 times a week.  
  2.  Learn the words on the wordsheets in your child's book bag and let us know when they have  completed each sheet.
  3.  Complete the Home Learning task every week and jot down notes for us about how they get on.  
  4.  Check your child's book bag EVERY DAY for letters, reminders, trip slips, first aid notes and    invitations. 
Our classroom is made up of different learning areas. We have got the carpet where we do whole class learning. It is also the space for working our imaginations with train tracks, building blocks and lego. There are what we call the "MMM" tables:
  • the marking table for writing and colouring.
  • the mess making table for exploring different textures and materials.
  • the Maths table where we carry out analytical and critical thinking activities with numbers. 
One of our favourite areas of learning is the role play corner where we get to pretend to be anything we want with the help of some props. Next to the Role play corner is the book corner where anyone can quietly travel the world through a book or share ideas with a friend. Just before the big space where we have large equipment for climbing, running, riding and swinging, there is the patio. The patio is our area for outdoor learning with resources as the water and sand trays, chalk boards, big toys and games.
All of these areas help support our learning in a fun way!!
Our topic in term 2 is "Space".
Our teachers are Mrs Crowhurst (W,Th, Fri) and Mrs Dibor (M, T, W). Teaching Assistants is Mrs Duke . 
  • Mrs Crowhurst

  • Mrs Dibor

  • Mrs Katie Duke

    Teaching Assistant

 We look forward to taking you with us on our exciting learning journey. More than want to be a princess with a tiara and a superhero with a cape, we will be learning about the hard work it takes to be one of these along with the many other jobs there are in the big world. Parents are welcome to share the fascinating details of their jobs with the class.  Do let us know if you are interested.
In English, we will be developing our listening skills by learning to be aware of the sounds around us, identify, recollect and discuss them. In addition to these we will learn about alliteration and develop our rhyming skills.
In Maths, we will be concentrating on numbers from 0-10. Through rhymes and songs we will focus on number recognition and ordering.