Welcome to Foundation's Class Page!
Learn here about our classroom, our topics and check out the latest ways you can support your child at home.
Remember the vital ways you can help your child at home:
  1.  Read with your child for 5 minutes at least 3 times a week.  
  2.  Learn the words on the wordsheets in your child's book bag and let us know when they have  completed each sheet.
  3.  Complete the Home Learning task every week and jot down notes for us about how they get on.  
  4.  Check your child's book bag EVERY DAY for letters, reminders, trip slips, first aid notes and    invitations. 
Look at our smart classroom...
...with us smart children in it!
We have a sheltered outside area to play in...
Catch up on our spring term topics which were on dinosaurs and pirates.
Our teachers are Mrs Crowhurst (W,Th, Fri) and Mrs Dibor (M, T). We have two classroom assistants , Mrs McGrath and Mrs Emery, as well as regular help From Mrs Carr, our Chair of Governors.
  • Mrs Crowhurst

  • Mrs Dibor

  • Mrs McGrath

  • Mrs Emery

  • Mrs Carr

Our work
We love to learn and are very proud of what we have achieved. Look at some of the brilliant work we have done so far!  
This term we are learning about DINOSAURS! We look forward to taking you with us on our exciting learning journey.  We would love to see any stories your child has about dinosaurs so feel free to let them bring in anything dino related - just make sure it's named! 
In English, we will be learning about the letter NAMES as opposed to just the sounds they make so encourage your child to learn the alphabet song and sing it as often as you can!  
In maths, we will be concentrating on numbers from 0-20 and will be learning about 'one more' and 'one less'. Try to incorporate talk about these concepts as often as you can in daily family life.