Admissions Policy

Admissions Statement

Drake Primary School is a member of South West Plymouth Education Trust, SWPET. The school is part of a co-operative trust and as such has the right to manage its own admissions. However the school’s governing body has agreed that admissions to Drake Primary School are controlled by the Local Education Authority, LEA, and their admissions procedures.

The schools PAN (Published Admissions Number) is 30 per year group, making a school total of 210.

The current procedure is ‘The Primary Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme’. This relates to all admissions both at the start and in year admissions. The school cannot admit any pupil without the authority of the LEA admissions team. Parents wishing their child to start at Drake Primary School need to complete a ‘common application form’. This can be done online or in paper form. More information can be obtained at: or by contacting the School Admissions Team on 01752 307166 for foundation intake and 01752 307170/307110 for in year admissions. Independent advice is available from the Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) helpline on 0808 800 5793 and the Plymouth Information and Advice Service on 01752 258933 / 0800 953 1131  

Our full Admissions Policy is available for download below.

September 2016